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Books and swimming

There is a little-known connection between books and swimming. That is, on the way out to spend another day sitting in a sweltering swimming hall for up to eight or nine hours, to watch Offspring swim for about five minutes all told, I tend to take something to read. A book. Or two.
   There have been swimming competitions over the last two weekends. Offspring did well, taking times of his PBs and winning medals, and generally enjoying himself. I got too hot and a sore back... but I also read a few books, which explains why there is a sudden upsurge in the book review section.
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Book & Bun

Thanks are due to the Book and Bun in Newmarket Street, who have kindly taken on some copies of As They Grow Older  to sell. Let's hope they succeed.
   It may be that I will give a little presentation there, too: All About Editing (or some such title), to be given to the creative writing group that meets there. More on that later, if it comes to pass.
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SAST graded meet

The South Ayrshire Swim Team graded meet took place last weekend. Son no. 3 did well. For those who don't understand what a graded meet is (which we didn't when he competed in his first one), you can only enter if your time is below a set time, and if you beat that time in a race, you aren't placed. Even if you came first.
   Never mind, that's not why this post is here. It's here because SAST kindly allowed me to display As They Grow Older, and I sold another eight copies, some of the money going to SAST. Thanks very much to those who bought a copy, and I hope you enjoy it.
  I'm gradually working my way through my list of marketing tasks: I'm not very good at it, but I'm getting there!
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