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SfEP mini-conference

I went along to the SfEP Scottish mini-conference on Friday. Actually, it wasn't so 'mini', with some 90 delegates attending. I was supposed to be giving a brief presentation on SfEP training. So: 'Hello everybody. I'm the training director, and I'm here to show you what training we offer and what's coming up, so if I click to

[You are not connected to the internet]

Oh yes, the internet is a wonderful thing - when it's working. The audience talked among itself while the in-house experts tried to get it up and running again. Then I was sidelined to make way for another presentation, while the experts talked among themselves, still trying to solve the problem. Eventually I was cancelled entirely, as they never succeeded in regaining a connection.

Still, three good things came of it all. I got to introduce myself. The organiser was probably faintly relieved, as the conference was overrunning by some twenty minutes.. I learned that it's best not to rely on the internet for presentations. And even without my contribution, the mini-conference was a great success, much enjoyed by all. Many congratulations to Lesley Ellen and her team, who put it all together.

Oh, and there was one other good thing - I sold a copy of As They Grow Older to a friend. But more of that in another post. 
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I have taken the plunge and self-published As They Grow Older. Duncan Lockerbie or Lumphanan Press helped with the typesetting and cover; and he outsourced the printing to a company down in deepest England to do the actual printing. A member of the SfEP did a proofread for me, given that it's almost impossible to proofread your own material.

My middle son Michael, for a birthday present in 2016, set up the Eglinton Books website (you can click on it from the menu over on the right), and I will be doing my best to promote both the book and the website over the coming months, leading up to Halloween.

If you have children between the ages of about 5 to 15 and you like to read them spooky stories, you can't go far wrong with  As They Grow Older . A proportion of every sale goes to cancer research, too. Go on, click on the link and have a look.

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Poetry competition

I've entered a poetry competition, so fingers crossed please. This is what I sent in.


We come in
Free of sin.

We go out
Full of doubt.

In between
We mark our slate
And try, too late,
To wipe it clean.

Watch this space for when I announce this is the winning entry. Keep watching... keep...
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