Dead Scared

Terry O'Mahoney

Just before going to SfEP conference this year, I heard the news that my old university friend Terry O'Mahoney (the one on the left in the picture) died suddenly.

It's all rather sad. Even though I hadn't seen Terry for - oh, twenty years - I shall miss him.
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SfEP conference

So that's the 2017 SfEP conference over... and a jolly good one it was too. A lot of it was to do with the splendid location at Wyboston Lakes, but of course the hard work of the conference team putting together a good set of speakers and workshops made everything work.

I stepped down as training director during the AGM that precedes the conference. Best of luck to my successor Jane Moody!

And I managed to sell a dozen of As They Grow Older. That's £12 to charity and £12 to SfEP's Whitcombe Fund, which is used to fund proofreading training. Every little helps.
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I have today sent off three review copies of ASTG, two within the UK, the third to distant Malta. I gather the Ayrshire Bridge Union is going to feature the book in a newsletter, which is nice of them, and the SfEP has agreed that I can display them at their conference in September. Still lots to do, and I'm hoping to do more sensible marketing in August, some time before Halloween and while I'm taking a break from editing work.
   In the meantime, if you read this... you know what to do!
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