I have briefly summarised nine of my adult stories and put them on the next few pages. I had better not make them available to download, or pesky editors and agents might consider them "reprints" and reject them for that reason. If you fancy reading one or more of the stories, just let me know, and I expect I could be persuaded to email you a copy. Oh, all right. I'll put two stories on this site: Practical Joker, which was published many years ago and I don't suppose I'll be submitting anywhere else - and The Thunderstorm, which is probably too short and simple for today's market. But what I have really enjoyed writing over the years are the Spooky Stories To Read Aloud - spooky stories that I wrote for my own children as they grew older. I have collated them into an illustrated book, which I will describe on here but I've decided against making it available because I'm going to have a serious effort at marketing it during 2011. But I will include on this site thumbnail descriptions of each story, and a sample story to download.