I will have to include one bridge story for those of you who follow the game.
Some years ago, despite suffering from flu, I covered a Camrose match for Bridge Plus. It was Scotland vs England, and one of the English pairs was Andy Robson and Tony Forrester, one of the best pairs in the world and certainly the best at that time in the UK. I had inveigled my way into the closed room to watch. They bid smoothly to 7NT but were nonplussed when their left hand opponent doubled and led an ace. Forrester and Robson had bid a grand slam missing an ace! Just as they leaned towards each other to "discuss" this unfortunate event, I took a picture with my trusty camera. I remember thinking to myself that this photograph would surely not only feature on the cover of Bridge Plus, but would be syndicated around the bridge world.
Unfortunately I had forgotten to put a film in the camera.
To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. In my defence, I was feeling very poorly that day and it could have happened to anyone. But even more unfortunately, I made the mistake of telling Morag Malcom, the grand dame of Scottish Bridge, of my photographic coup, and for years afterwards whenever we met she would gravely inquire whether I had remembered to put a film in my camera.