NIGHT WATCH by Terry Pratchett

I admit it.  I am not a Terry Pratchett fan.  I have about thirty of his books, though, sitting complacently on my shelves.  Half of them were my father's, and the other half Philip & Michael have bought.
  Everyone seems to like these books, and I've tried them on and off over the years.  The other day I found Night Watch lying around in Philip's room and though, "I'll make an effort to enjoy this one."
  But I didn't, not especially.  I'm sure it's very clever, with lots of temporal twists, humorous wordplay and characterisation, but I just didn't feel involved.  I know that nothing truly awful is going to happen, that the manin characters will end up where they started, and Death will put in an appearance somewhere to talk in a funny font.  But I found that I just didn't really care.... and started skip-reading about half way through.  "Hmm-mm," I thought, "more of the same," (skip), "more of the same", (skip), "yes, very clever haha, more of the same."
  There was nothing really to dislike about Night Watch, but I couldn't find enough to actually like, or keep me interested.  So, sorry about that, but I probably won't bother trying another one.  After all, if you find it an effort to pick up a book and try to enjoy it.... what exactly is the point?
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