So, we braved the wintry weather to drive up to Kilmarnock to watch Avatar in glorious 3D.  Alas my middle son Michael and his girlfriend Mishi couldn’t make it; they were trying to get down from Falkirk but had to turn back because of blizzards.  No such problem for us, however, and when we left Kilmarnock at 11pm there was much slush about but no ice.
   Never mind the weather, what about the film, I hear you ask.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The plot is not very subtle – you can pretty much predict everything that’s going to happen after the first ten or twenty minutes – but what you can’t predict is exactly how it’s going to happen, how everything is going to turn out, and of course the stunning special effects which show you everything that happens.  Pandora, the world on which the film is set, is stunningly portrayed, so much so that you end up forgetting that it is make believe.  The animals inhabiting the world are mainly savage, but brilliantly real.  The ten foot blue humanoid D’Havi are also brilliantly depicted.
   If you want to see a film that makes you think, or even one that makes you laugh and cry, go watch something else.  But if you want to watch an out-and-out adventure shown with astonishing realism in 3D, you can’t get much better than Avatar.
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