Last Sunday we went to Kilmarnock to see the 3D version of UP.  I thought it was very well done, although perhaps more could have been made of the 3D opportunities (nothing ever really “flew out” at or over the audience, for example).  In some ways it was a very sad movie; or to put it another way, some parts of it made me very sad, as they mirrored parts of my own life with eerie accuracy.  Go see the film, and provided that you know a bit about me, you’ll soon see what I mean.
  Of course, on the way home, we asked Dylan which bit he had enjoyed the most.  In retrospect his answer was obvious: “the building site”.  Even somebody who has seen the film might scratch their head for a moment before remembering what he is referring to – which is, that near the start of the story, the old man who is the hero of the film refuses to sell up his cottage, and we get to see it sitting, isolated, in the middle of a vast building site.  The badddies want him to sell up so they can build over the land occupied by the house.  He refuses.  No need to ask whose side Dylan was on!
  If you are wondering whether to go to watch UP (3D or 2D), my recommendation is Yes.  It has a very, very strange plot; it contains some very, very strange characters.  But we all enjoyed it, and I think it’s worth seeing.
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