Despicable Me

Okay, so if one super-villain has got away with stealing one of the Pyramids, then obviously another super-villain has to up the ante, and the equally obvious way of doing that is to steal the moon.  That’s the premise behind this animated 3D romp.  Oh, and you have to add in the inevitable humanising effect three cute children have on the arch villain, Despicable Me.
   I enjoyed the film.  More to the point, so did our own personal five year old arch-villain.  It’s perhaps a little slow in places and on occasion slips into a part of the story which youngsters won’t follow (bank funding being the obvious example).  I wouldn’t drive a hundred miles to see it, but if it turns up at your local cinema, you could do worse than going to see Despicable Me.
   As an aside, I wonder how long the trend for snappy, 3D-animated comedy action films like this is going to last?  To me they resemble the American one-liner turned into a new visual medium – even the action is usually short and sharp, with characters moving too fast for reality.  Maybe it’s just me, but I suspect that a new use for this 3D medium will have to surface fairly soon, before cinema-goers start to get bored with the fare currently on offer.
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