Lots of hype about this film, of course.  I didn't get to see it on the big screen, where no doubt it comes over better, but I put the dvd on my Christmas list soon after it was available, and lo and behold it appeared.
   I enjoyed it, though I felt there were three things that stop it being absolutely top drawer.  Visually, and as advertised, the effects are brilliant.  The plot is satisfactorily thick, and not nearly as complicated as the pundits would have you believe.  I certainly feel no need to revisit the film to try to understand what was going on (unless to pick holes in the story).
  The three things that let it down?
  Firstly, despite it being a strong point of the film, the plot doesn't completely hold together, especially at the end.  It all seems very convincing when it's happening at 100mph onscreen, but if you think about it afterwards in the cold light of day, you'll see some frayed edges in the plotline.
  Secondly, one of the key characters comes in from a place of relative obscurity and practically takes over the show, displaying an understanding of what's going on in the main character's head and the plot generally far in excess of what she could reasonably be expected to learn in such a short period.  There's a lot of info-dumping while she's learning stuff, too; and some of the dialogue is correspondingly stilted.
  And thirdly, I thought the ending was exactly what it shouldn't have been - I won't say what it was, suffice it to say if somebody had asked me what the likely ending was half way through the film, I'd have said "well, I think it's going to be such-and-such, but I really rather hope it isn't."  But I'd have been right.
   But even after these moans, I guess I'd recommend the film.  Let me know what you think of it.
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