I found this Rebus novel languishing on a shelf in a charity shop and brought it out into the light of day.  As usual I enjoyed it.  I’ve now read a lot of Rebus novels and so I can see the same formula wheeled out time and again, but they’re still fun to read.  The one thing I didn’t like about Fleshmarket Close is that it wrapped up everything just a bit too neatly for my taste.  Just about everything that happened during the course of this fairly long book turned out to be connected to practically everything else, despite there being no hint of any connection initially.  Life just isn’t like that, and it slightly spoiled the story for me.  But maybe it’s just me, because I have been known to make the same complaint of other books too.
   Do I recommend Fleshmarket Close?  Well, yes, I guess so.  If you want a fairly light read and like the detective genre, you can’t really go wrong with this or indeed and Rebus novel.
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