This book started off well enough – quite well written, with enough hints and eerie moments to make you wonder if something genuinely spooky is going on. Up until about half way through I enjoyed the understated way in which events unfolded, with just enough of a ghostly spin to make the reader uncertain of whether something supernatural is happening, or whether there are more prosaic explanations to the various events.  But then I thought the book lost its way when it tried to develop the prosaic, real explanations (which were pretty far-fetched) but at the same time retain at least two major supernatural elements. On top of that, the end of the book descends Saw-like into captive horror and none of that really worked for me.
   So, although this author gets good write-ups and this specific book appears to get good ratings... I don’t recommend it.  Sorry.  Somebody should let Christopher Ransom know that sometimes, less is more.
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