YOU’RE NEXT by Gregg Horiwitz

Once I got over the first dozen or so pages, I rather enjoyed this thriller.  It rattles along at a terrific rate, you know just enough about the main characters to care what’s going to happen to them, and in any case, there’s a strong element of mystery which means you don’t have any idea why the things that are happening to a reasonably normal family are happening.  Add to the mix a pair of baddies who could have escaped from a Neil Gaiman or China Meiville novel, and you have the makings of something which rushes helter skelter towards a climax.  My main gripe is that the baddies don’t come to quite a gruesome enough end, or at any rate, the description of it wasn’t sufficiently drawn out.
   If you want a fast-paced read with solid characters and a predictably happy ending, you can’t go far wrong with You’re Next.  I was pleasantly surprised by the whole thing.
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