What can I say?  I have read all of David Gemmell’s books several times, and I expect I will read them all again.  They never fail to entertain me.  Nobody’s absolutely good.  Nobody’s absolutely bad.  In Knights of Dark Renown, the original nine good knights get turned into nightmarish vampire creatures in a distant land, and when they return back to Earth (or wherever it is Gemmell sets his stories), they have to be faced down by a ragtail bunch of thieves, murderers and cowards.  Cue stirring deeds and sacrifice from the new self-appointed nine Knights and, not to be outdone, the chief bad Knight has one last heroic gesture left in him too.  Great stuff; splendid action; curt, rugged dialogue with never a word wasted.  Everything a Gemmell fan has come to expect in his many heroic fantasy books.
   Never read a David Gemmell book?  Get on with you.  I recommend Knights of Dark Renown and just about anything else he’s written into the bargain.
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