Part of a 3 for 2 from Waterstone's, I thought I'd try this Jo Nesbo book because I thought the previous ones I'd read were - not brilliant, but not bad. The Devil's Star has its moments, and it certainly builds to a nice climax, but I thought it let irself down in several respects.
   First, the plot was pretty obvious. Second, the were a couple of police procedural points which defied belief - well, mine anyway. Third, the protagonist policeman of these books, Harry Hole, is so far gone in alcoholism that he would a) be long since out of a job and b) wouldn't be able to function as well as he does in this book. In fact the whole police setup seems a bit of a shambles, and it's a wonder they manage to solve anything, much less these serial killings.
   So I'd say "could do better". I don't think I'd recommend forking out for this book, but if you want a thriller and see it lying round somewhere, by all means pick it up.
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