Captain America

I don’t quite understand why the reviews for Captain America aren’t better than they are. I thought it was pretty good. I thought it captured not only the spirit of the 1940s when most of it is staged, but also the spirit of the original comics. The build-up to Steve Rogers transforming into Captain America was well done, and the action scenes once he’d been transformed were fine.  The plot was as credible as any other superhero plot.  Perhaps the characters weren’t as well fleshed out as in, say, the Spiderman movies, but they weren’t bad. The ending clearly set up the possibility of a sequel.  I, for one, hope there will be one.  
   If you get the chance to see Captain America, I’d recommend going, despite what some of the reviewers say (and come to think of it, the reviewers are giving four out of five to Horrible Bosses... well, you can imagine what I think of that).


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