TELL NO ONE by Harlan Coben

Tell No One is a fast-moving thriller with the kind of set up I’ve come to expect from Coben: lots of threat and mystery at the start which doesn’t appear to have any rational cause, slowly escalating into a maelstrom of violence, punctuated by glimpses of what is happening as the plot slowly unravels.  It’s slightly formulaic, but I still enjoyed it.
   I only had two complaints.  First, especially in the first third of the book, there were a number of asides along the lines of “Corny, I know” when the hero describes how he fell in love with his wife.  These little asides cropped up in a number of places and began to irritate me.  And secondly, I didn’t buy the last twist of the plot.  I didn’t think it was necessary, and it rather spoiled the whole thing, coming as it did right at the end.
   But still, it was a mindless, enjoyable read, so if you get the opportunity to read it, I’d recommend giving it a go.
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