I didn’t know until I read some reviews afterwards that Peculiar Children is actually a young adult’s book. I had a think and – well, okay, I suppose it could be. But there’s nothing to stop an adult reading it and enjoying it. Me, for instance.
   The book is a mix of the effects of a slightly dysfunctional family on a teenager, war, mystery over some strange photographs, and even greater mystery when the photographs are followed up. Pack in some solid action, especially towards the end, and what have you got? A very readable book, which according to other reviewers more knowledgeable than I am, is being haggled over by several film companies.
   It’s not perfect. There’s at least one glaring inconsistency which is smoothed over and not properly explained towards the end, and I found the mix of adult age with childlike figures and behaviour didn’t quite work for me. But it’s pretty enjoyable for all that – suffice to say that I left it in Malta for a friend to read (something I felt able to do as it isn’t my copy). So buy it or borrow it, read it, and watch out for the film in due course.
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