Norwegian Wood

My other half bought the dvd of Norwegian Wood for some enormous sum of money, because she remembered reading the book years ago and being impressed by it. We warned each other that it wouldn’t be a jolly film (I hadn’t read the book or seen the film but I knew that much), and we were both right.
   It’s a good film but I wasn’t as impressed with it as I thought at one stage I was going to be. It’s dark. There are lots of brooding silences and meaningful stares. I am ashamed to say I couldn’t tell all the characters apart at one time. I wasn’t sure I liked the main character, although I did like the girls he took up with. The sex scenes were fairly ordinary by today’s internet-riddled standards.
   Despite all these negative comments, I still think it’s worthwhile watching, if only to see how the story is crafted. Some of the dialogue is very good too, with lots of subtext which occasionally breaks out into live conversation. Recommend it? Just about, but try to find a cheaper copy than my wife did.
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