TURNCOAT by Jim Butcher

Son no1nproduced Turncoat from the alternate realm that is his bedroom, telling me that I hadn’t read it. I thought I had, because I thought I’d read all of the Harry Dresden novels – but no, he was right. So, of course, I read it.
   What I’ve said earlier about these wizardy novels holds true with this one. It’s fast and funny. This one introduces a new evil bad creature, the Skinwalker, which works well except for a magical battle it has late on in the book, where it and another wizard change shapes as they fight. It’s OK, but T.H.White did it better. The plot kept me guessing, and there was a little twist at the end which I didn’t see coming (although I didn’t like it very much).
   Clearly, this book predates Ghost Story in that Harry Dresden is very much alive and doing his stuff. For that reason, I think it works well and is one of the better Dresden stories. It doesn’t try to invent too much, or take too much on.  As usual, I enjoyed it, and wouldn’t prevent anyone from picking it up to read.
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