Tintin and the Adventure of the Unicorn

We took Small Boy to see Tintin at the weekend, and despite earlier promised not to fork out on 3D presentations, we saw it in 3D, mainly because I'd read somewhere or other that this film made good use of that medium.
  I don't actually remember much about Tintin, though it must have been around in papers, comic strips and later cartoons when I was younger.  Maybe I just wasn't interested.  I don't remember now.  So the characters rang bells when they turned up, but I didn't remember them before the film started.
   Enough reminiscing.  What you want to know is whether it's any good.  The answer is yes, it's worth seeing if you have a Small Boy or a female equivalent... though an child younger than about six might have trouble following the plot.  There's lots of action, mystery, humopur, and the characterisations are good.  My only negative thought about the whole experience is that when Captain Haddock hits the screen, he's pretty much permanently drunk, clearly an alcoholic, and only seems to be able to function if he has half a bottle of whisky inside him.  What sort of a message does that send out to the Small Children watching?
   That gripe aside, it's worth watching - and yes, Spielberg does make better use of the 3D medium than most if not all other 3D films I've seen up till now.
It's good fun, and I recommend it.
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