Arthur Christmas

It's the silly season, so we trundled off to see the latest silly season film.  I had read that it wasn't bad, with absolutely nothing in it likely to offend, and the 3D antics being rather better drawn than similar recent films.
   It wasn't bad. It had a few stand-out moments and, true to the billing, was as innocuous as... as... whatever a film can be as innocuous as.  The chatacters were nicely drawn and the action suitably riveting.  I only had one complaint with it, and that was (especially at the start) the director relied on some titles onscreen to say when and where the action was taking place.  Well, given the young nature of the audience I don't think this was very sensible.  "What does it say, dad?" was all I got for the first ten minutes, and I could hear similar whisperings elsewhere.
   But overall, if you have a young child or a very young mindset, you can't go far wrong with Arthur Christmas.  Will it turn into an 'old favourite' and be trundled out in Christmasses to come?  Hmm.  I don't think so, although I'd be hard pressed to give you my reasons for saying so.
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