There’s been a lot of hype about Hugo recently, and when we went to see TinTin a while back, we saw a trailer for it and Small Boy expressed a wish to see it.  Truth to tell, the trailer looked interesting, so this weekend along we went, armed with our 3D glasses, to see it.
   Did it live up to the hype?  Yes, it did, though not in quite the way I expected.  I had formed the impression from trailers and blurb that it would be a roller-coaster 3D adventure, with lots of excitement and action scenes.  But no, it was anything but.  The pace is quite slow, with a gradual build-up based as much on character as on plot.  Some of the children in the cinema obviously got bored.  Others (including Small Boy) were rapt.  My other half said she enjoyed in more than TinRin... and so did I.
   I win’t spoil the plot by telling you what happens.  But if you go, prepare yourself for a slow unravelling of several mysteries, some delightful character acting from a host of well-known actors, and a gentle strain of humour throughout.  It’s beautifully done, and I suspect will become a minor classic in the years to come.
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