THE WHEEL OF TIME by Robert Jordan

So, as noted on my blog, I have started my mammoth re-read of the Wheel of Time series. I have got through volume 1 (Eye of the World), volume 2 (The Great Hunt) and volume 3 (The Dragon Reborn) already. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed them, although I also have to confess there were some places I skip-read because I remembered it too well.
   Particularly for the first volume, it felt like meeting old friends, Rand, Perrin, Mat, Moraine and Lan... and the gradual build-up from being insignificant villagers to powerful ta’veren worked just as well the second time around.  Of course, there were lots of occasions when I picked up foreshadowing which probably meant nothing to me twenty years ago on the first read, and of course there were lots of occasions when I though “aha, you say that now, but I know what’s going to happen to you.”
   But overall, I enjoyed rereading these three volumes.  The pace was quicker than I remembered, and there was plenty of detail that I had forgotten.
   Onto volume 4!
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