NAME THE DEAD by Ian Rankin

As usual, I enjoyed the antics of Rebus and Siobhan as they tracked down a serial killer, annoyed their bosses and the security forces, solved a couple of other cases, and generally got on with their lives in between. I enjoyed it in an escapist way: I would be appalled to think that our police really acted in this haphazard and uncontrolled manner.

This particular novel is stuffed with period pieces, ranging from the music the characters listen to, to their fledgling knowledge of computers and the internet. You could argue either that this dates the novel, or that it turns it into a period piece.

Personally, I didn’t find it much of a problem, so I suppose I lean towards the period piece description.
It’s a solid, reliable Rebus novel. By all means buy it if you see on a shelf of second hand books somewhere.
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