THE WISE MAN'S FEAR by Patrick Rothfuss

This masive book of nearly 1,000 pages is the sequel to The Name of the Wind. As with The Name of the Wind, I enjoyed it, and it's probably a book that no fantasy enthusiast should ignore. I like the characters; I like the world in which they are let loose; and there's a fine sense of mystery building up as to where the whole thing is going.

My only worry is that Rothfuss might start getting a bit self-indulgent, just as Jordan did with the Wheel of Time series. There are hints of it here... some parts of th novel could clearly be shortened, and the plot jogged on more quickly. I hope this doesn't become endemic, because I enjoyed the book and I'm looking foward to the next one: and I don't want to be in the position of blogging that uh-oh, it looks as if this series won't be finished before 2020, by which time I'll long since have lost interest.

As I say, only mild indications of that so far. I thoroughly enjoyed The Wise Man's Fear, and I'm looking forward to number three in the series.
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