Young Dylan hasn't seen either of the Men In Black films but I thought he'd probably enjoy them so when MIB 3 found its way to Ayr, we went along to see it.
   My verdict? I was a bit disappointed. I thought it was a bit slow (compared to the other two); I didn't think it made especially good use of 3D effects; and, worst of all, there weren't enough aliens. The story focused on one very nasty bad alien and how he went back into time to kill K, and so naturally Will Smith had to go back in time to undo all the mischief that had been done.
   Going back in time is always a fretful affair when it comes to making a cohesive plot. This plot is very far from being cohesive, but it's just a bit of Hollywood fun, so let's not go there.
   Sure, it had its good points. The actor playing a young K nailed the charecter to..uh..a T. The baddie had a great catchphrase which I won't spoil by telling you. And lots of the special effects were good.
   But all in all I thought, good try, could have been better.
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