The amazing Spiderman

While we were on the South coast and struggling to stay out of the persistent rain, we went to see The Amazing Spiderman at the BRighton Marina. Okay, so it's a 12A, but Dylan has seen other 12As and he was adamant he wanted to see it.  In the event he had no problem with it at all.
  I enjoyed it, even though I'd forgotten to take my hearing aid so I missed 60% of the dialogue. Let's face it, dialogue isn't necessary in a Spiderman film. Anyway, I've read so many spiderman comics over the years and seen so many films, that I knew exactly what was happening.
   I enjoyed it (and so did Ivy and Dylan). We saw the 3D version, and I suppose the action scenes were slightly better as a result, though I'm still not convinced that the film companies have properly got to grips with enhancing the film experience with 3D.
   Still, the action scenes were good, and this version of the story left fewer hanging threads (hoho, hanging threads, get it?) I preferred it to the previous Amazing Spiderman, but not by much. Like most of the world, I rather wonder why a new one is needed so soon (unless the previous franchise had written itself into too many corners).
   Anyway, we all thought it was good, and I recommend it.
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