The Magnificent Seven

I first saw this film when it first came out, in 1960, and I remember thinking how wonderful it was. For my birthday I got a whole lot of Westerns on dvd, including The Magnificent Seven, and I sat and watched it with Dylan. He loved it, although he got a bit tearful when half the seven (approximately) got killed off at the end.
   I enjoyed it too. It hadn't dated as much as I thought it would have, perhaps because of the amazing cast list. Of course, since those far off days in 1960 I've seen The Seven Samurai, and I realise now just how much of an inferior copy the Hollywood western remake is. But if you know any seven-year-old boys (approximately), I think you'll find that he'll enjoy The Magnificent Seven almost as much as I did when I was that age, even though they've been exposed to so much excitement and special effects on today's tv.
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