So Skyfall actually made an appearance in Ayr and we booked in advance for it - which was just as well, as the auditorium was packed. Was it worth it? Is this the 'best ever Bond', as some pundits are claiming?
   Well, I don't know about the best ever, but it's pretty good. Plenty of reasonably believable action, a baddie who's rotten to the core, the reappearance of Q, technology mixed up with the human plot... yes, it all works well. My other half didn't go to sleep and Small Boy was enthralled (and now wants a boxed Bond set for Christmas).
   Having watched it, I can in retrospect think of quite a few plot holes. And despite including some technology, I felt that the film wasn't entirely comfortable with it. The parts of the film which were not so believable were the technological parts.
   Still, all in all it was a jolly good romp and I certainly wouldn't put anyone off seeing it.
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