13 STEPS DOWN by Ruth Rendell

This is something of a cross between a mystery story and a horror story. It's well done and has a horrible air of inevitability about it. I read it on the train between Glasgow and London, and it's just the right sort of read for that - nothing too deep, but well written.
  It won't make my top ten list or anywhere near it for two reasons. One is that very inevitability - the reader knows pretty much what is going to happen, so some tension is lost. And the other is that, in my opinion, RR tries to do too much. There's actually too muchy backstory and attempted character development, some of which I really don't think added much to the story. We would have done much better knowing more about the key character (of which we know very little other than a few traumatic incidents), and less about the affairs of the women he ends up stalking.
   Maybe I'm being picky. I certainly wouldn't dissuade anyone from reading this, just as long as they aren't looking for an out-and-out Agatha Christe style mystery story...
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