FURY by Henry Kuttner

For no particular reason that I can now recall, I decided to read one of the old SFBC books up on my shelves. I remembered reading Fury many years ago (this edition was printed in 1954) and enjoying it, and I wondered whether time had worked its usual magic so that it was seem less dramatic today.
   Yes and no is the answer. I can see now - as is often the case with older SF stories - that the characters aren't nearly as well drawn as they are today. The plot is a little skimpy. By that I don't mean that nothing happens - plenty does - but none of the 'science' seems rooted in much reality, and it wouldn't get past a slush pile today, I fancy.
   But where Fury scores is in the raw power of the writing. There's no faffing about with unimportant subplots; the hero is fixated, mean and motivated; there's no question of being able to draw breath. Everything that happens, happens fast and draws quickly to a climax. Today, an author might write the same story to be two or three times the length of Kuttner's, but I'm not sure it would improve on it much.
   It's dated because the genre has moved on, yes. But it's still an entertaining read.
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