Les Miserables

Ivy, Dylan and I went to see this film with our friend Monique in Malta. It's something we'd wanted to watch back at home, but when it was showing in Ayr, one or other of us had flu so we never got around to it.
   I wasnt't quite sure what to expect. Critics seem to be sharply divided as to whether its attempts at realism work (i.e. filming the actors as they actually sing on set) - plus, as more than one critic pointed out, some of the actors can't sing very well.
   This last is certainly true - Russell Crowe, for example, can't really sing for toffee, but he belted it out readily enough and he's a good enough actor to get the feeling through.
  It's good. I could see tears being shed in the audience towards the end. Some of the set scenes are tremendous; in fact the opening scene is pretty dramatic. I don't know if this will end up being regarded as some sort of classic, but I do know I can recommend anyone (even eight-year-old boys) to go and watch it.
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