The Great Gatsby

I confess I've never read the actual story, so I was intrigued to go along to see The Great Gatsby, to find out what it's all about. Reviews have been reasonable, but everyone seems to point out that niobody really knows who Gatsby is, so a) it's difficult for any actor to portray him and b) even though Di Caprio does well, critics are quick to point out that "it's only one possible interpretation of Gatsby".
   Hoity toity. Who cares?  It's a good film and the notion that another actor might play Gatsby in a different way doesn't exactly enter your head while you're watching it.  My Other Half failed to fall asleep, and instead watched the whole thing, enthralled.  It's a very clever mix of visual scenes, voice-overs and flash backs. That might sound a bit over the top, but it wasn't at all.
   I think the whole thing was well done, and would recommend it to anybody  - well, with the proviso that, although it's a 12A, I don't think anybody that age would get much out of it.
   Now I suppose I'd better read the story and report on that in another part of this blog.
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