Man of Steel

"Yet another Superman film?" I hear you ask. "What's the point?"
   We're talking entertainment here, films, watching of; so does there have to be a point? I don't think so. A more sensible set of questions would be: Is the new superman any good? Are the special effects okay? Does the film grab the interest and entertain? Does the chief baddie, General Zod, frighten the life out of eight-year-old boys?
   The answer to all these questions is Yes. I thorougly enjoyed this film, despite some obvious weaknesses in the plot and a raft of coincidences. I liked the opening scenes on planet Krypton, despite the fact that superman's father was played by Russell Crowe and I kept expecting him to burst into raucous song (having just seen Les Miserables). I liked the fact that superman was genuinely super, not just strong and good-looking, and I liked the way we got a glimpse of how hard it was for him to come to terms with his...uh...superness.
   All in all, I'd recommend this film. But if you take an eight-year-old boy, prepare to have him want to sleep with mum that night, for fear of General Zod crashing through the walls during the night.
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