FATAL VOYAGE by Kathy Reichs

I bought this book to accompany me on a train trip to London - the same train trip when I failed to watch the Andy Murray final. I remembered reading a Kathy Reichs book before... in fact, I think several of them... and enjoying them. I was surprised to find that this book was written in 2001. I was even more surprised to find how little it has dated, given the pace of technology since then.
   I enjoyed Fatal Voyage because it represented a genuine mystery right up to almost the end. Dr Temp Brennan turns up at the scene of a plane crash, finds a bit of a body that doesn't seem to fit anybody, comes under pressure by persons unknown to drop the case. There's one... not exactly hole, but... weakness in the plot that I'll keep secret in case you want to read the book from grisly beginning to arguably even more grisly finish. And would I recommend that you do so?  Yes, you can't go far wrong with this if you want a fast-paced thriller full of technical bumph and one-liners.
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