I suspect Turow is one of those authors everyone but me has already heard of. Reversible Errors is a legal-cum-mystery-cum-love story that I confess I thoroughly enjoyed. I didn't work out what had happened; I didn't foresee all the twists and turns not only of the plot, but also of the way the characters interacted with each other. The book is certainly less one-dimensional than others of the same ilk.
  I see it was actually published in 2002, but I didn't spot any technology aging in it, apart possibly from old-fashioned fingerprint recognition. Perhaps this is because it is as much character-driven as plot-driven, and the plot itself concerns something that happened in the past. Whatever the reason, I read the book without any sense that it was more than a decade old.
  I expect I'll be looking out for more Turow in secondhand bookshops in the future, and I can certainly recommend Reversible Errors.
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