QUICKSAND by Steve Toltz

So I was watching a pre-6 a.m. swimming session with other dads (and mums) and the lady next to me started chatting about books. She said her husband thought Quicksand  was the best book he'd ever read. Ever. Well, naturally I had to check that out.

My verdict is that it's not a bad read, but it's scarcely the masterpiece that the unseen husband thinks. I think it tries to be just too clever for it's own good. It's got lots of good lines, lots of good ideas, lots of throwaway philosophical snippets dressed up as the story of one man's downfall. But it got to the point where I thought, for goodness sake let's have some normal text for a while. People don't talk this way all the time. They don't even think this way all the time. It's all TOO MUCH. Nobody in the book is normal or has a normal life... Yes, Toltz handles it well, but really it's too much to handle.

Read it if you want a few laughs and want to end up with eyes slightly glazed after every reading session.
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