SfEP mini-conference

I went along to the SfEP Scottish mini-conference on Friday. Actually, it wasn't so 'mini', with some 90 delegates attending. I was supposed to be giving a brief presentation on SfEP training. So: 'Hello everybody. I'm the training director, and I'm here to show you what training we offer and what's coming up, so if I click to

[You are not connected to the internet]

Oh yes, the internet is a wonderful thing - when it's working. The audience talked among itself while the in-house experts tried to get it up and running again. Then I was sidelined to make way for another presentation, while the experts talked among themselves, still trying to solve the problem. Eventually I was cancelled entirely, as they never succeeded in regaining a connection.

Still, three good things came of it all. I got to introduce myself. The organiser was probably faintly relieved, as the conference was overrunning by some twenty minutes.. I learned that it's best not to rely on the internet for presentations. And even without my contribution, the mini-conference was a great success, much enjoyed by all. Many congratulations to Lesley Ellen and her team, who put it all together.

Oh, and there was one other good thing - I sold a copy of As They Grow Older to a friend. But more of that in another post. 
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