This is a pot-boiling serial killer mystery by an author I discovered many years ago... and thought well enough of her to get this in a local charity shop. If you haven't heard of Tami Hoag but enjoy these sorts of thriller-cum-detective mysteries, you can't go far wrong with Tami.
   I enjoyed Cold Cold Heart, but recommend it with a couple of provisos. One, unless you are very new to the genre, you will quickly pick up on who the bad guy is, after which the plot seems mighty thin. And two, it would appear that the particular part of the world in which this book is set must be seething with serial killers and plain ordinary murderers. Or mentally challenged people who are on the verge of becoming one or the other.
  That said, I enjoyed the book. I was reading it at a swimming competition, mind you, crammed between two people in a roasting hot swimming centre. Perhaps I would have welcomed anything to take me away from all that.
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