Wonder Woman

The other half, smallish boy and I went to see this at our local cinema in Ayr and for a change there were actually other people in there with us. I think I can safely say that we all enjoyed it.
   Wonder Woman benefits from being well paced and having something of a plot, which many other action-dominated films overlook in their efforts to bring bigger, scarier special effects to the screen. Wonder Woman starts off quite slowly (though not boringly), and builds up the main character(s) rather well. The baddies are suitably bad, and WW's failure to understand the real world when she gets out there is nicely portrayed.
   Gripes? Well, only that in my opinion WW ends up being just too wonderful and too powerful. That's not really a spoiler: everyone knows that these films head into an action-packed finale. It's a bit hard to see where she goes next (apart from the Justice League, of course), but no doubt Hollywood will find a way.
   Do I recommend it? Yes; if you enjoy the superhero genre, this has a lot going for it.
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