IT is one of the best books I have ever read (see book reviews) so I went to see the film adaptation with some trepidation. I also went with trepidation because my other half came with me, and she is no aficionado of horror stories.
   I needn't have worried. The film is not too horrible, but there are plenty of scary bits. My other half didn't fall asleep, so she wasn't bored. The character development is very well done, and the film followed the plot of the book very closely. Most of the characters were just as I imagined them, and the whole thing was splendid.
   About 4/5 of the way through, the screen went blank. The sound was still audible, though, and it sounded as if lots was happening. Shrieks and grunts and snarling, and meaningful silences. But no picture. I went out to find someone and we eventually discovered that the projector had overheated. We all had to troop to another screen to see the end of the film, so we didn't get home until almost midnight.
   But it was worth it. There's a Part 2 coming sometime, and we'll want to watch that too.
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