Bladerunner (1982)

Bladerunner 2049 is getting rave reviews, so I thought I'd better watch a Blueray version of the 1982 film to remind myself of exactly what happened way back then. I thought the original film would seem outdated and the special effects positively laughable, but I was pleasantly surprised.
   The special effects aren't laughable. True, they focus in on shots of flying vehicles against a huge metropolitan landscape - commonplace nowadays, but it's easy to forget that this was ground-breaking at the time. Those shots still look good.
   The film itself was still very watchable. I was surprised by how much I remembered of it, given that I saw it 35 years ago. It's perhaps a little slow by today's standards... but then, I think some of today's films could do with a bit of slowing down.
   In fact my only real criticism of the film was the tiny bit about the chess game - ludicrously unrealistic. They should have hired a proper chess master to manage that bit. But apart from that, it was still a good film. Great in its day, still good now.
   Note to self: Must watch the 'sequel' when it comes out.
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